Learn how Geometric Search can help you find and reuse existing parts…

What is 3DPartFinder?

3DPartFinder is an application specializing in the geometric search and analysis of 3D CAD parts.

3DPartFinder offers two main features:
Easily and quickly find all similar parts from a 3D CAD model or a simple sketch to reuse existing parts rather than creating new parts
Analyze and classify a set of existing 3D CAD parts in order to detect functional duplicates and reduce the overall panel of parts

3DPartFinder functions independently (for purchase or standardization deparments) or fully integrated in the following CAD software : CATIA, NX, CREO, SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDEDGE and INVENTOR

Geometric search in any CAD!

3DPartFinder for SOLIDWORKS

3DPartFinder for CATIA

3DPartFinder for INVENTOR

3DPartFinder for NX

3DPartFinder for SOLIDEDGE

3DPartFinder for CREO

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